The Red Lion

Garden + outdoor big screen TV, private hire 'til 2.00AM (byo DJ). Flatboys pizza, Abney Park Cemetery & Clissold Park. Stoke Newington Church St., boutique shops.

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132 Stoke Newington Church St
Stoke Newington
N16 0JX

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(+44) 020 7249 7980

  • Mon – Thu 4pm-11pm
  • Fri 12pm-Midnight
  • Sat 11:30am-Midnight
  • Sun 12pm – 10:30pm

Kitchen opening times may vary – from 5pm Mon- Thu, and 12pm Fri-Sun

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The Red Lion

Seats 60, big screen sport, sun, pizzas and pints. Or cocktails. Open til 10.30PM.

Party? Yes please. Everybody does. Upstairs room is available for up to 70 people approx. Sole use. BYO DJ or music. Private bar. 2.00AM license. Reach out to us.

Sunday Night Quiz from 7.00PM - a staple for the good folk of Stoke Newington. Follow us on Insta to keep up to date.

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Flatboys Pizza, fit for pints. Mondays for £7 and Friday lunchtime £5.50 deal!


If a pizza doesn't sound like your thing, try a nachos, or fries!

We love adults and kids ('til 7.00PM), but if you were in any doubt, we love dogs too.

We're always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. If you're a bartender, chef or manager that wants to join our amazing team, get in touch. Pay rates are competitive - and perks - there are plenty! Advances on wages, gym membership discount, food and drink 50% off for you/friends in our pubs, bike to work scheme...the full list is long.


London centric craft beers, weekly rotating and it's all about quality, not novelty. The usual suspects too. Always Guinness.


Friday Night = Shots Night

Every Friday, about 9.00PM, whatever the weather, the lights go down, the music gets cranked up and a bottle of spirts comes off the black bar - gone, when it's gone!

PL. CL. Euros. WC.

Frontier. Always football.

Quiz Nights

Sunday nights are quiz night. From 7.00PM. General knowledge and hilarity from the quiz masters. Bar tabs, golden questions and more!